capthapskingfishMTeam BIG FISHIN’ Annual SKA Tournament Finishes

Capt. Scott and his Team are consistent fishermen. Because of their dedication to the sport, Scott and his team have achieved the finishing results listed below. 

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2012 SKA Tournament Trail Highlights

Two Way King Mackerel Tournament – 5th Place in 23 ft. and Under Division

Sapelo Kingfish Tournament – 1st Place in 23 ft. and Under Division

2011 SKA Tournament Trail Finishes- Highlights

1st Place Capt. Haps Kingfish Bash on the Bluff (division-4) See the winning 37.7 Pound Kingfish

2010 SKA Tournament Trail Finishes- Highlights

2nd place Two – way fish camp kingfish classic
overall – 1st place lady angler two way fish camp kingfish classic
2nd place Sapelo open kingfish tournament
6th place overall in division (4)
National Championship – 5th place team finish, see the leader board image here

2009 SKA Tournament Trail Finishes- Highlights

2nd place Capt. Haps Kingfish klash on the bluff
2nd place Two- Way fish camp kingfish tournament
14th overall in division (4)
top 50 team finish in the national championship..

2008 SKA Tournament Trail Finishes-

2nd place Two Way fish camp kingfish tournament
1st place Sapelo open kingfish tournament
5th place team finish overall division (4)

2007 SKA Tournament Trail Finishes-

5th place two- way fish camp KMT
top 20 team finish overall in division (4)

2006 SKA Tournament Trail Finishes-

8th place halfmoon kingfish classic
12th place team finish Golden Isles Kingfish Classic
top 15 team finish in division (4)
Finished 18th National Championship – Fort Pierce, FL

2005 SKA Tournament Finishes-
5Th place half-moon KMT
21st in Golden Isles Kingfish Classic
top 10 team division (4)
Day one national championship 3rd place fort pierce ,Florida
Day two national championship 21st fort pierce ,Florida

2004 SKA Tournament Finishes-
2nd place Half-moon kingfish classic
18th place two-way fish camp KMT.

National Championship Finishes

Fort Pierce Florida on November 5th, 2010 | THE SKA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP


fb5 (WinCE)November 10th 2010 – A Brutal weather front bringing cold air and heavy winds and seas pounded into the fishing grounds in Fort Pierce Florida just in time for the “Big Show’, The Southern Kingfish Association National Championship Tournament.

This is the invitational end of the year, the BIG Show, The Finals, the Tournament where the best of the best from a dozen venues/divisions are invited to compete for the largest Kingfish. Top Teams who have proved their worth and have gathered a determined amount of points/pounds over the season are invited to battle it out against each other in the year end SKA National Championship.

Capt. Scott Harding runs and owns his Contender 23 Open Tournament Contender Powered by Mercury Outboards and other sponsors seen here, and  Vanguard Wolfe fishing hooks. The team put the Contender through brutal conditions right next to 38 ft. boats fishing the same tournament. The Weather was un-forgving slapping 20 knot winds and huge seas at everyone in the tournament.

Capt. Scott proved his worth in this tournament per usual battling the building seas, wind and deteriorating overall weather conditions by boating 2 solid 23-24# kingfish back to back in their 23 ft. Tournament Contender. Not bad considering the weather! Great Job Scott and the crew on the Big Fishin’!

Also proving their worth, Capt. Scotts personal arsenal of Vanguard Wolfe 4-X Black Nickel Treble Hooks and his 2/0 Black Nickel 4-X Bait Hooks brought home the fish for his team once again. It’s a win-win for everyone… Great Job Guys Capt. Scott and crew!

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